Listed below are YouTube videos that Randy and Shelley Knapp have made pertaining to their kaleidoscopes.

Get a Grip – limited edition of 7 

This kaleidoscope is inspired by a material called G10 that is normally used for knife handles.


Lumie – limited edition of 16
This kaleidoscope is inspired by the luminescent insects found deep within the rainforest that light up at night to attract attention and allow them to find each other. Visit our link on the website to learn more about “Lumie” and what is available.

Believe On – new hand held in the Mandala series
Believe On is the newest handheld kaleidoscope in the Mandala series by Randy & Shelley Knapp of Knapp Studios. The wood is stripped ebony and it has a 4 pointed mirror system with a multi-colored image.


Wild Thing – one of a kind parlor kaleidoscope
A Parlor Kaleidoscope by Randy & Shelley Knapp – “Wild Thing” is a one of a kind kaleidoscope made from box elder burl and ebony wood. It has a fluid object cell with a bright image.


Lucini’s / Shelley Knapp
You have heard them talk about “Lucini’s” – the special lampworking technique that Shelley Knapp does for their kaleidoscopes. Watch this quick video of Shelley making a “Lucini”.


My Love of Color / Shelley Knapp
Shelley Knapp with Knapp Studios talks about her love of color and where it comes from. Also covers what their kaleidoscopes mean to her and working with a creative husband.


Lampworking Glass for Kaleidoscopes / Shelley Knapp
Learn what the term lampworking in reference to kaleidoscopes means by watching Shelley Knapp with this quick demonstration. These are the things – those bits of color – that make up the image you are looking at in their kaleidoscopes. It’s magical.


The Gift of Creativity / Randy Knapp
Randy Knapp talks about living with the gift of creativity and how it affects his life. This is raw footage and Randy didn’t realize the camera was off. So just sit back and listen to his message. That’s what’s important. (it’s the talking beard.) Thank you for listening.



Evolver #11 parlor kaleidoscope


Evolver #10 parlor kaleidoscope


Pearl – one of a kind parlor kaleidoscope


Believe On – hand held kaleidoscope from the Mandala series. This is a teaser video of the image only. 


Focus – one of a kind parlor kaleidoscope


Evolver #9 parlor kaleidoscope

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