Listed below are YouTube videos that Randy and Shelley Knapp have made pertaining to their kaleidoscopes.


Lampworking Glass for Kaleidoscopes / Shelley Knapp

Learn what the term lampworking in reference to kaleidoscopes means by watching Shelley Knapp with this quick demonstration. These are the things – those bits of color – that make up the image you are looking at in their kaleidoscopes. It’s magical.


The Gift of Creativity / Randy Knapp

Randy Knapp talks about living with the gift of creativity and how it affects his life. This is raw footage and Randy didn’t realize the camera was off. So just sit back and listen to his message. That’s what’s important. (it’s the talking beard.) Thank you for listening.



Evolver #11 parlor kaleidoscope


Evolver #10 parlor kaleidoscope


Pearl – one of a kind parlor kaleidoscope


Believe On – hand held kaleidoscope from the Mandala series. This is a teaser video of the image only. 


Focus – one of a kind parlor kaleidoscope


Evolver #9 parlor kaleidoscope

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