Second Wind series

the “Second Wind” Series
Faith, Hope and Love

Love scope 1a

Drawing on Randy’s expertise in acrylic fabrication he set out to design a simple elegant form that would stand on its own and question the viewer to say “What is that”. Hence the “Second Wind” series was born. Thoughts do become things.

With these kaleidoscopes form follows function. Faith, Hope and Love are housed in a black acrylic body. The sides of the body are covered in luxurious exotic veneers. Faith is figured Maple, Hope is Bubinga and Love is Zebra wood. The gentle taper of the body is mimicked by the 36 degrees tapered two mirror system that is housed within.

The 5 pointed image is enhanced by the use of a glass magnification lens. The unique donut shaped object cell harkens back to one of the Knapp’s earlier kaleidoscopes called “Vorticulation”.The object cell is fluid filled to create a slow continuous movement of the individually hand lamped worked glass pieces by Shelley. The rotary face of the object cell has 4 unique rose engine patterns carved into it. The cut geometric shapes of the rose engine patterns create a stunning foreground image in the kaleidoscope with the beautiful colors cascading behind them. Totally different effects are achieved by reversing the rotation of the object cell.

Shelley’s comfort in primary colors made her feel it was a perfect match for the image in “Faith”. “Hope” is spring time. Her inspiration for “Hope” is the colors she sees at spring time. “Love” can be so tender yet so hot, so you will find tender jewel tones accented with a touch of firey red. Let the primary colors reinvigorate your faith. Let hope spring forth. Ignite your passions with a glance in love.


These kaleidoscopes retail for $280.00 plus shipping and handling


Faith scope 1a





   “Faith”  – Let the primary colors reinvigorate your faith.  The wood veneer is figured Maple.

Faith scope 1b








 Interior images of “Faith” 











Hope scope 1a







   “Hope”  – Let hope spring forth. The wood veneer is Bubinga.


Hope scope 1b   







  Interior images of “Hope”











Love scope 1a






   “Love” – Ignite your passions with a glance in love. The wood veneer is Zebra wood. 


Love scope 1c 







Interior images of “Love”  










These kaleidoscopes retail for $280.00 plus shipping and handling

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