Stormy Myrtle

The body of “Stormy Myrtle” is Oregon Myrtle wood accented with a faux Ivory rotator and eye piece. The wood for “Stormy Myrtle” was harvest from a senior Myrtle wood tree that finally gave up life on the bank of the beautiful Chetco River during a winter storm in 2004. After harvesting some of the wood from this tree Randy set aside some of the most highly figured wood and watched over it as it was carefully seasoned and saved for a special project like this. “Stormy Myrtle” has a two mirror system which produces a six pointed star. The highest quality front surfaced mirror is used in conjunction with a magnification lens making the optics crisp and clear. The side lite fluid filled object cell has a clam shell interior with a black background. The object cell is accented with a rose engine pattern on the front of it. Individually lamped worked glass pieces by both Shelley and Randy Knapp created a dynamic combination of color and textured glass. Their combined experience and different techniques create extremely beautiful mandalas. Viewing “Stormy Myrtle” is a meaningful experience. The final touch is a hand rubbed finish which enhances the dept and beauty of the Oregon Myrtle wood. “Stormy Myrtle” is a one of a kind signed, numbered and dated by the Knapp’s. “Stormy Myrtle” measures 2 5/8” by 7 1/2” and includes a matching Myrtle wood base.

“Stormy Myrtle” – a one of a kind made in 2007

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