Shelley Knapp

 Shelley Knapp is a self taught artist with a love for color. Born and raised in eastern Oregon, her first artistic exposure to color was though quilting in the early 80’s. Not realizing it at the time but by making very colorful scrappy quilts, she learned how to read color and developed a natural feel for it.

Through the 80’s her energies turned to raising her 2 sons and quilting was put on hold. In 1990 she joined Randy, her husband in making kaleidoscopes. She immediately found that love for color again by creating the images for their kaleidoscopes with hand lamped worked glass.

After raising their two sons and moving to the Oregon coast, she finds living by the Pacific Ocean and hiking through the forest very nurturing to her soul.  Today her passion for color is still very strong. This love for color is event in her kaleidoscope images.

I put my heart and soul into our kaleidoscopes.  They fulfill a function that is very important to me, bringing color into the world.  If just for a brief moment, someone can find happiness or peace of mind in one of our kaleidoscope images, then I have achieved what I have set out to do.

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