MaMa Doodle – new 2016

“MaMa Doodle”

by Shelley Knapp of Knapp Studios


MaMaDoodle kaleidoscope by Shelley Knapp of Knapp Studios


“MaMa Doodle” is a new series of hand held kaleidoscopes being offered by Shelley Knapp of Knapp Studios. Shelley’s love for color has always shown through in her images but she wanted to also share that love on the exterior. She has done this by incorporating her recent passion for mediation drawing on the outside of these kaleidoscopes. Shelley finds drawing and coloring to be a very relaxing process and nurturing to her soul.


With an attempt to reach as many people as possible with her beautiful signature images, Shelley decided to keep this kaleidoscope as simple as possible. It is a one piece body with no rotating parts. You simply rotate the entire kaleidoscope in your hand to reveal the beauty within. This is a great kaleidoscope for a new enthusiast but the seasoned collectors will also find many amazing views within a “MaMa Doodle” kaleidoscope.MaMaDoodle kaleidoscope by Shelley Knapp of Knapp Studios


The image in “MaMa Doodle”is created through a five pointed mirror system and is enhanced with a magnification lens. The fluid filled object cell has a black background and are filled with hand lampworked glass created by Shelley on her bench torch.  


Shelley is offering two new kaleidoscopes. They are easily identified by her signature and drawing number at the base of each kaleidoscope. Drawing #1 has a jewel tone image and Drawing #2 has a bright image.



MaMaDoodle kaleidoscope by Shelley Knapp of Knapp Studios

These kaleidoscopes retail for $145.00 plus shipping and handling.

Please contact us if you would like to order a “MaMa Doodle” kaleidoscope.

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