Kaleidoscope Class in Jerome AZ – October 2019

“There’s a Knapp for That”

Come and spend the day with Randy and Shelley Knapp and Steve Hopkins.

The kaleidoscope class will take place at the home of Steve and Sherry Hopkins in Jerome AZ. Through Steve and Sherry’s generosity in the use of their home and studio, we are able to offer you the ultimate experience for hand turning your own kaleidoscope, creating your own mirrors and hand lampworking your own glass. Randy, Shelley and Steve have over 70 years of  combined kaleidoscope making experience. We have been teaching this class for over 15 years and have refined it down to a delightful and memorable experience. We are offering you an interactive experience with well seasoned artists. A day just for yourself to play and enjoy.

You will learn basic woodturning skills while turning your own wood kaleidoscope barrel. You will learn basic lampworking on a bench torch while you create some glass pieces for your kaleidoscope. You will learn about kaleidoscope optics while assembling your own mirrors. Then complete the construction of your own kaleidoscope.

Walk away with your own hand turned wood kaleidoscope with a magnetic rotator mechanism which allows you to remove your object cell and change your pieces at will for unlimited interior designs. This allows you the opportunity to play with designing your own interior images. The class has been designed to teach you basic skills you need to understand to be able to create your own kaleidoscopes. The same principle applies to many medias beyond wood.

Minimum Age: 16

No sharing

Cost is $200

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday classes – 10 per class

October 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2019

Contact us for available on the classes at 541-412-1516

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