Intertwined scope 13

With a non traditional look on the outside due to its pose-able legs and adjustable viewing angle. A radically different looking image on the inside due to its independently operated dual object cells with rose engine carvings.  “Intertwined” is sure to please inside and out.

“Intertwined” has a 6 pointed image created by a 30 degree tapered two mirrored system enhanced with the use of a glass magnification lens. The unique donut shaped object cells harkens back to one of the Knapp’s earlier kaleidoscopes called “Vorticulation”. The fluid filled dual object cells of “Intertwined” offer unlimited viewing opportunities of the individually hand lamped worked glass pieces by Shelley. The rotary face of the object cells have unique rose engine patterns cut into the center of them. The cut geometric shapes of the rose engine patterns create a stunning crystal like middle zone of a 3 phase mandala with the center zone being orange, red and pinks and the outer zone being blue, green and purples. The sides and body of “Intertwined” are covered in luxurious wood veneers  Bubinga and Anigre.

“Intertwined” measures 6” x 8” x 8” tall and is a opened numbered edition.


Intertwined image 01 Intertwined image 156 Intertwined image060




   –  Here is a YouTube video demonstrating how to set up and use “Intertwined”.  – Here is a YouTube video of the Interior of “Intertwined”.


This kaleidoscope retails for $600.00


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Available in the following woods 

Intertwined scope 10









   Bubinga wood


Intertwined scope 13









    Anigre wood                                                                                                                     

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