“ElleGlance” — limited edition of 12 — 2011

The body of the “ElleGlance” kaleidoscope is covered in Stingray leather. Stingray leather has been utilized for century for its beauty and durability. It’s probably most well known for its use on Japanese sword handles. We used it here as an embellishment on the body of our kaleidoscope. “ElleGlance” has a tapered two mirror system which produces a six pointed star. The highest quality front surfaced mirror is used in conjunction with a magnification lens making the optics crisp and clear. The fluid filled object cell contains individually hand lamped worked glass by Shelley Knapp. Each piece of glass is a sculpture in its self. The hand lamped worked glass is confined within a rose engine ornamented object cell with a black background. The object cell walls are lined with high tech dichroic filters. The filters alter the incoming light in a very pleasing way. This kaleidoscope should be experienced with different light sources.  “ElleGlance” is an open numbered edition that is signed and numbered by the artist. It is available with a pastel/jewel tone image.  The kaleidoscope is 2 1/4” by 7” and comes with a stand. From the first glance you will find this kaleidoscope to be a elegant treasure.

© Copyright Knapp Studios