Commissioned Work

This is a commissioned piece that we did for a collector in 2013. It is from our series “Fruit of the Forest”. Each scope in this series is made one at a time.  Randy has learned over the years to read the wood. He strives to make the most out of what it has to offer. He has taken his love of wood back to the forest. We now live in a place where some of the most beautiful wood in the world grows. This particular kaleidoscope was made from Oregon Myrtle wood. It has taken several years, but he has made the proper contacts to be able to harvest this wood himself. So he is now taking the wood from the raw log form, through a complex series of drying stages to a finished kaleidoscope. We are happy to keep the form of these  kaleidoscopes simple and elegant, so the beauty of the grain can be enjoyed. 

Fruit of Forest 1  


To learn more about this kaleidoscope watch our YouTube video about it —   


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