Colour’s in the Law

“Colour’s in the Law” has a two mirror system which produces a four pointed star. The highest quality front surfaced mirror is used in conjunction with a magnification lens making the optics crisp and clear. The body of the kaleidoscope is turned by Randy out of highly figured domestic and imported exotic woods. The eye piece and the object cell are both embellished by ornamental turning on his rose engine lathe. The clear background fluid filled object cell contains hand lamped worked glass by Shelley. The head of the gavel rotates within the handle mount which is also embellished with ornamental patterns. The gavel sits in the sound block which is mounted on an angled desk plaque. The final touch is a hand rubbed finish which enhances the depth and beauty of the grain in the wood.

Colour’s in the Law” — a commissioned piece — August 2009

© Copyright Knapp Studios