A Birthday Commission

 This piece was commissioned by a collector for her husband’s birthday. It is an entirely ornamentally turned kaleidoscope. Every part of the kaleidoscope was turned on the Rose Engine Lathe. Including the unique 18 facet domed shaped object cell. The scope body is African Blackwood accented with a faux Ivory rotator and eye piece. The domed object cell has an inner wall with an epicyclodial pattern you can view through the clear magnification lens incorporated on the top of the dome. It has a two mirror system which produces an eight pointed star. The highest quality front surfaced mirror is used in conjunction with a magnification lens making the optics crisp and clear. The fluid filled object cell contains individually lamped worked glass pieces by both Shelley and Randy Knapp. Their combined experience and different techniques make for some beautiful glass sculptures. The side lite object cell accentuates the beauty of their glass. The final touch is a hand rubbed finish which enhances the dept and beauty of the grain in the Blackwood.

“A Birthday Commission” is a one of a kind made in 2007

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