2016 Kaleidoscope Convention – Rockville, Maryland

The 26th annual Brewster Kaleidoscope Society convention
takes place April 28th through May 1st, 2016 in Rockville Maryland.
This year’s convention celebrates the two-hundred-year history of the kaleidoscope.


Kaleidoscope Class with Randy & Shelley Knapp — “I Made It Myself Kaleidoscope”
Saturday April 30, 2016 from 1:00 – 4:00 at Strathmore Mansion patio room.

This class will take place Saturday afternoon at the Strathmore Mansion. Randy & Shelley Knapp’s team work are well documented in several major kaleidoscope collections in the the Untied States and Japan as well as many books and magazines. Spend the afternoon making your own kaleidoscope with Randy & Shelley Knapp. Learn from their 52 years of combined experience and knowledge. 2015 Convention Kaleidoscope Class

Here is what you will get to do:
1 – Decorate the exterior of your kaleidoscope.
2 – Learn how to assemble a two mirror optical system using the Knapp’s tried and true mirror jig system.
3 – Learn the mechanics of how it all goes together. Some Glue here, padding there, etc.
4 – Learn how to compose a kaleidoscope image by combining colors and textures for a balanced and harmonious image.
5 – Learn how to use magnification to your best advantage in a kaleidoscope.

Go home with your own “I made it myself” kaleidoscope that allows you to compose the image of your dreams. Experience the joy of being able to change the image at any time by the use of the Knapp’s clever removable magnetic object cell. Hope to see you there.

Though the BKS share of these tickets are sold out additional tickets are still available for this class at https://www.strathmore.org/events-and-tickets/made-it-myself


Building a Fluid Filled Object Cell with Randy Knapp 
Thursday April 28, 2016 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

008Learn the ins and out of a fluid filled object cell. Master kaleidoscope artist Randy Knapp will share the technique he and Shelley have been using for 26 years to make their kaleidoscopes.  Multiple techniques will be shown and discussed. So you can see one being made, jigs and fixtures will be demonstrated along with some audio/video demo.


Visit the Brewster Society’s web site to learn more about the convention and how to sign up for either of these classed.


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